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Quantum Healing Weekend Retreat

Join us for an inner body, mind and

Soul Healing Journey

OCT 30th

¨There is much more possible related to personal health and wellbeing. We only have to remember again.¨

-Ellen Buermans

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This workshop is guided by Ellen Buermans

Holistic Therapist and Re-genesis Healing practitioner at Pulse Aruba with 33 years of experience and studied at the Quantum Academy in Holland. 


The Quantum field - field of creation 

The power of harmonizing layers of awareness 

The generous present moment

Heart brain coherence

Everything is Frequency

Becoming the observer

The point of stillness

Body-mind soul synchronicity

Connecting with the best version of yourself 


Quantum Yoga - Body movement and activation-

Sound bowl healing 

Lots of useful tools and simple techniques to activate the immune system. Health is wealth!

Image by Magic Bowls
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Join us on this

unique healing journey

Saturday, Oct 30 Retreat
10:00 - 14:00 195fl


Full session 10:00 -17:00 225fl

Max. 8 people welcome

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Includes Lunch & Pool Relaxation

*Payment due by
 Oct 27
Full Retreat? Or Half Day?

General Health Inquiry

Any serious medical or health concerns?
Have you received the covid injection? We respect your decision, whatever it may be.
Dietary Preference

Thanks for submitting!

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Feel free to contact:

Ellen Buermans

Phone: 7403123 


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